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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

If you live in Greenwood, Madeley, Marangaroo, Darch & the surrounding areas and you experience the kind of neck pain discussed below, come in and see us.

Neck pain is one of the most common things talked about in a chiropractor’s office. Chiropractors undergo extensive training in diagnosing and treating neck issues- with years spent studying how to ascertain what the problems are and how to go about addressing them. 

Causes of Neck Pain

With the exception of blunt trauma to the neck in the recent past, the best way to explain why pain has occurred is firstly what specific structure in the neck is causing the pain, and secondly why that structure is causing pain, when it seemed to be just fine previously. 

If the anatomy of the neck is watered down and simplified- There are seven bones, 27 joints, hundreds of ligaments, muscles and tendon attachments, nerves, muscles to create movement, muscles to create stability and multiple layers of fascia. All these structures mentioned above are pain sensitive, present with varied symptoms and have varied mechanisms of injury. 

One of the first things the chiropractor will do is determine whether you are in the right place; Is the condition causing pain something that the chiro can help with, does it require further investigation or does the pain require urgent medical attention? 

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

The overwhelming majority of neck pain should be managed through treatment that a chiropractor can provide. In almost all cases, after completing a thorough examination the chiropractor will explain the structure and mechanism causing pain, along with what caused the pain in the first place. 

Specific structures causing pain are clear cut, however the reason the pain has occurred in the first place generally means we need to go down the rabbit hole of stressors on the body, as most neck pain involves doing something you have done multiple times before without a problem. So why would something that never created problems in the past, create pain now? Generally, this is a case of the straw that broke the camels back, or accumulative microtrauma over time which has now overcome the body’s capacity to repair itself. Stressors on the body can be classified as physical, chemical and mental/emotional. Modern science has shown that pain is not as simple as a sprained joint or reactive muscle spasm, but rather that things like the total volume/type of exercise performed, sleep quantity/quality, nutrition, mental health and stress levels affect our bodies on a physiological level- Therefore affecting the body’s capacity to repair itself at a physiological level, and also affecting how pain is perceived. 

The Link Between Posture and Neck Pain

The most obvious physical stressor on the neck is posture, with the head sitting forward from the body with phone use, desk work, watching TV, driving, house duties like cooking, and many other activities we engage in every day. Poor posture throughout these activities means that the joints in the neck are loaded in a dysfunctional way: dysfunction over time can lead to pain and inflammation and accumulative microtrauma over time. 

The Link Between Chemical Stressors and Neck Pain

Chemical stressors include our diet, pollutants in the air and things we put on our bodies like soaps and deodorants, all of which influence many bodily functions and regulators like gut health, hormonal balance, and neurochemistry. All these factors contribute to the regulation of inflammation in the body and therefore influence the body’s capacity to create a healing response and regenerate itself; this can be thought of as an indirect influence on spinal health. 

The Link Between Mental and Emotional Stressors and Neck Pain

Mental and emotional stressors are the second indirect influence on spinal health; mood and overall mental well-being also have a strong influence on hormonal balance, particularly cortisol and adrenaline. Cortisol and adrenaline are both helpful in shorter bursts around activities of physical exertion, like exercise or playing sport; however, if they are high due to extended periods of mental stress, like at work, for example, the body’s capacity to regulate things like digestion, sleeping patterns, and the healing response become inhibited. Compounded over long periods of time, chronic hormonal imbalances can become a driving factor in overall spinal health and pain.

Summing it all up

From a bird’s eye view we can see that pain is multifactorial and is the last thing to arrive when considering the stressors on the body and the inhibition of the healing response. The first port of call for a happy, healthy neck is to reduce some of these stressors on the body and to better facilitate the body’s healing response. Improving postural habits through holding screens up in front of the face instead of looking down at them, neck stretching, upper back strengthening, and creating healthy habits around time spent in sedentary positions are all things that can help reduce physical stressors on the neck. Eating fewer processed/sugary foods can reduce chemical stressors on the body, reducing chronic inflammation and thereby improving the body’s capacity to create a healing response. Getting more direct exposure to sunlight, exercising regularly, and reducing screen time will all help to reduce mental stress. 

Starting out by intentionally controlling some of these factors, and more importantly, doing it consistently, will positively impact neck pain. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to help alleviate the physical and mental stressors on the body, as they have been shown to help with posture, muscle tension, and reducing stress levels. If neck pain is something you need further help with, make an appointment with one of our chiropractors to start the journey to improve your health and wellness. 

If you live in Greenwood, Madeley, Marangaroo, Darch & the surrounding areas and you experience the kind of neck pain discussed above, come in and see us.






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