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Your Greenwood Chiro Team


Dr. Coenrad Mouton

Coenrad became interested in health and fitness at a young age, as he grew up playing Rugby Union and participated in all kinds of sports through school. This interest eventuated into a passion and successful personal training business for 8 years.

​He always planned to transition from PT to chiropractic, though while working as a chiropractor he saw the need to integrate both disciplines, as this would provide patients the opportunity to do far more than overcome pain.

​Coenrad is passionate about finding the best options for people from all walks of life through a broad range of Chiropractic techniques, exercise prescription and holistic lifestyle change.

​Coming out of university he dove straight into work in the desert coastal town of Exmouth, where he practiced for more than 3 years. Working as a Chiropractor in a coastal town has been a life goal for Coenrad, so Exmouth was the perfect fit. Whilst there, he frequently traveled to remote towns such as Pannawonica, Paraburdoo and Tom Price, to practice.

​In his spare time Coenrad enjoys CrossFit, surfing, skateboarding and hanging out with his beautiful family.

Meet the team

Vania Mouton

Business manager, wife of Dr. Coenrad and mother to baby Iz.

​Whilst she enjoys working, she most certainly loves being a wife and mother, and thrives in doing the more simple things in life.

​Other than working in business administration, Vania has also worked as an Education Assistant in an Education Support Centre for children with disabilities.

​If she could she would turn her home into a jungle, have a llama(s) as a pet alongside her two kelpies, and have Christmas lights up all year round.

​In her time away from mothering/wife-ing and managing, Vania loves getting sweaty doing Mixed Martial Arts and cooling off in the ocean.

Dr Elise Evans

Dr Elise Evans is a Chiropractor who has a passion for helping individuals through a holistic lifestyle approach. She values combining chiropractic care with movement, proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

Growing up her family encouraged an active lifestyle and she was involved in sports such as gymnastics, swimming, and netball. As a teenager she enjoyed learning about the human body and after experiencing the benefits of chiropractic herself, knew she wanted to pursue it as a career.

Completing her double bachelor degree in Science and Clinical Chiropractic, she graduated with high distinction and dux of her year, at Murdoch University.

Elise delivers tailored care to each patient and feels privileged to help people achieve their goals for everyday life, recovery, and sports performance.

In her free time, Elise enjoys the beach with friends and family, walking her golden retriever Oakley, and getting a workout in at the gym.


Tahlia - Reception

Cat mum, beach bum and movement enthusiast.

Tahlia is a bubbly blonde with a passion for helping people, mental health and caffeine.

With a background in fitness, she has seen firsthand how movement is medicine, and in helping people move you are helping people live a fuller life. She is a big believer in open mindedness, open heartedness, and taking every situation as a learning opportunity.

When she isn’t working, chances are you’ll find her either covered in sweat or salt water- finding fulfillment in her bodybuilding training and spending time in the ocean.

wl tanya

Tanya - Reception

Mother to Aroha, Pro Bikini Athlete, and Chiropractic Assistant.

Tanya is a people-centric human, incurable bodybuilding enthusiast and a huge believer in a holistic approach to health. She has lived in 4 different countries, and has travelled many more, and speaks 3 languages. Tanya was a dancer for 14 years and a visual artist for 12 years.

In her spare time she likes to lift heavy things, help other bikini athletes with their posing, talking even more than usual engaging with people and friends, dancing with her daughter like no one is watching and exploring the beautiful outdoors with her family finding beautiful flowers to sniff.